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Mirror shine polishing service is provided in our company which gives the marble a solid glass look which maintains the marble and can make it look like perfect marble. Our company has been at the India level since year. company marble m hall line Best results you see Marble Polishing:

1). Diamond Polishing
2). Granite Polishing
Marble Polishing Process:

1). Grinding the stone with diamond grits with number of grits like 60 to 3000 N0 etc
2). Grouting and Filling up cracks with raisins and bonds.
3). Smoothening the stone with further diamond grits.
4). Honing the Stone Surface.
5). Crystallization with Stone crystallizers.
6). Diamond coating with diamond polish.
7). Floor scrubbing and washing corner to corner for final finishing of polishing.
8). Buffing the finished surface with buffing pads and liquid shine enhancers.
Tools And Equipment's Used:

1). Single disc scrubbing machine.
2). Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner.
3). Number of grits for grinding.

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