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We offer Natural Marble Polishing Services in Delhi, Faridabad, Gurgaon, and Greater Noida. Many people who aren't skilled use cheaper products or chemicals that give your floors a fake shine and appearance. The floors can appear shiny for a short time, but the shine wears off quickly, and they require to be serviced again. The products used to clean and shine marble floors are very expensive. To sum up, picking a suitable marble floor polisher with superior instruments and sufficient expertise can save you both money and time.

At Ritik Carpets and Marble Floor Polishing Services, we not only offer Marble Polishing Services utilizing modern technology and chemicals, but we also do so at an affordable cost that is hard to beat. Get in touch with us right away if you would like to use our service.

Working Process of Natural Marble Polishing

Scrubbing marble floors
Single disk equipment with specialist pads is used for scrubbing floors made of marble to get rid of tough debris.

Rough Grinding of Marble Floor
Rough grinding diamond pads or grits are used to get rid of scratches and dirt from the topmost layer of a marble floor, revealing a clean surface. The procedure also gets rid of all spots from oil, water, food, acid, and other things.

Finest Grinding of a Marble Floor
Once the scratches are filled, diamond grinding pads or grits are used for fine grinding. During this procedure, many pads or grits are switched out, and the procedure proceeds until every scratch is gone.

Polishing a Marble Floor
A single disk machinery is used to smooth the floor with a branded smooth pad and powder to offer it an excellent luster.

Crystallization of Marble Floor

The above steps are all fine ways to crystallize a marble floor by using A type of chemical is used to give the outer layer a high level of shine and make it last longer.

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